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It All Starts With Kentucky-Grown Hemp

Kentucky is known for more than just horses and bourbon. For most of the hemp industry’s existence, Kentucky has been a leader in both quality and production. This is mostly due to Kentucky’s geographic location, nutrient-rich soils, and limestone bedrock. 

The Kentucky hemp that makes our products is organically-grown on land free of pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. This ensures a safe and superior end-product that is free of contaminants and harmful compounds. 

Unlike other companies, there are no unknowns about where our hemp is sourced. The farmers are members of our community that work closely with our processors to ensure a sustainable and consistent product is produced year-after-year. Because better hemp makes a better product.


Industry-Leading Processing

Amaze Clinical’s products are made with the best processing methods in the industry. Once the hemp for our products is harvested, it undergoes a process that pulls out the beneficial compounds (cannabinoids and flavanoids) in the form of a hemp extract. 

Our hemp is extracted with highly-specialized equipment through an organic extraction method known as subcritical C02 extraction. This form of processing differs greatly from extractors that use heavy solvents, alcohol, or chemicals to extract their hemp. 

Our products are also made in cGMP-certified facilities with hemp extract that meets federal USDA requirements. No expense is spared in our processing, and we truly go the extra mile to ensure our products are some of the safest, purist, and most effective ones in the industry.

Lab testing CBD

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True-To-The-Label Products

We ensure our quality through rigorous testing from the farm to the bottle and offer a tool to check the potency of a product yourself with our COA lookup tool. 

The COA lookup tool will allow you to see the potency, as well as the full cannabinoid profile of any of our products. This type of testing is important because it ensures you’re getting exactly what you expect and pay for. This also ensures THC-free products are truly THC-free. 

We aim to provide a product you can trust that stands out amongst others in the CBD industry. And this all starts with our lab-tested true-to-the-label products!

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