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Knowing Where Your CBD Comes From

Know Where Your CBD Comes From

Where does CBD come from? 

Have you ever thought where your CBD products come from? Maybe you have never considered it. You know that the CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant, but there’s more to think about. You may think that as long as the oil is in a nice, professional-looking bottle, it’s a good product, right? This statement is not necessarily true. It is essential to know where the hemp is grown. You take CBD to improve your life in one way or another. This is why it’s important to learn how the hemp has been cared for. Take a look into how it’s cared for during the growing season, all the way to when it’s bottled as CBD oil. You need to be sure that what you are putting into your body is excellent quality and from a safe, reliable source. 

Heavy metals? 

Did you know that some hemp farms operate on land that contains harmful heavy metals? There are a few ways that heavy metals end up in the soil. Mining, manufacturing, and the use of synthetic products such as pesticides are common causes. Plants can absorb these metals from the soil around them. Heavy metal poisoning can range from acute to chronic. Amaze products are grown in areas that have not been treated with pesticides. We make sure the land used to produce our hemp is a clean, safe property. Even if farmers are not currently treating their plants with harmful pesticides, chemicals can be leftover in the ground from the past. Land that now produces hemp may have grown other crops that were previously treated with chemicals. This is why we have our land tested for harmful materials. 

What happens to hemp after it is harvested? 

At the end of the growing season, it’s time to harvest. Once the hemp is harvested, the CBD oil needs to be extracted. Just like anything you ingest, it must be handled in a sterile environment. Some companies that have popped up quickly and cheaply are not following steps to ensure the health of their consumers. At Amaze, we care about our customers, and that is why we use the safest methods possible during production. 

Extraction method 

We use supercritical carbon dioxide extraction; this amazing process isolates individual compounds of the hemp plant. Supercritical CO2 fluid extraction (SFCE) gives us a clean and consistent product that our customers deserve. 


It is very important to know where your CBD products come from, otherwise you can be ingesting something that is full of things like, metals, pesticides, and other chemicals. But at Amaze, we offer only the highest quality of CBD that has been handled with professional care. 

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