Your Dedicated Partner in the CBD & Hemp Industry

At Amaze Clinical, we’re more than just a product supplier – we’re your dedicated partner in the hemp industry. From our products to our partner program, Amaze Clinical exists to help independent pharmacies succeed.
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Industry-Leading Product Quality

Amaze Clinical allows Independent Pharmacies to offer the best hemp-extracted CBD products to their customers. Our processing facility is cGMP Certified by AIB International and uses certified organic production methods to create KDA & USDA Compliant Certified Products. Our products are made with organically-grown hemp, are third party lab tested, and are made with industry-leading processes.
Amaze Clinical’s products are ones your customers can trust and that you can feel good about having on your shelves.

Supporting Local Communities

At Amaze, we believe that local independent pharmacies have the utmost importance to our communities. We know that many of these pharmacies have historical significance and have served their communities for multiple generations. We also believe that supporting the little guy is more important now than ever.

That’s why you’ll never find Amaze Clinical products in any big box stores. We only partner with local independent pharmacies, as we believe they can offer the best care, education, and service to their clients while supporting their communities. We help these local businesses offer safe, natural wellness products and offer levels of support that are typically out of a small business’s reach.

And with health and well-being at the center of discussion each day in America, now is one of the most important times for safe and natural wellness options. That’s why Amaze Clinical offers some of the safest and most effective CBD products to our local partner. We’re here to help small business grow while meeting the welness needs of their communities.


How We Help Independent Pharmacies

At Amaze Clinical, we provide a variety of tools to effectively market and support your products. So you can focus on your customer’s needs while we take care of yours.

Interactive Pharmacy Locator

Our products are only available through our Independent Pharmacy Partners for online and in-person sales; so for someone to order Amaze, they have to pick a pharmacy first. Our Interactive Pharmacy Locator allows customers to choose your pharmacy for these purchases either in-person or online.

Pharmacy-Exclusive Co-op Marketing

Amaze Clinical’s Independent Pharmacy Partners are automatically enrolled in our Co-op Rewards Program. In this program, we offer a variety of traditional and digital marketing options to help promote your business and your Amaze products. With every purchase of Amaze Clinical products, you will receive rewards points that you can apply towards:

  • In-store display items 
  • Personalized business cards or postcards 
  • Digital display ads or mailers
  • And more! 

Each package is customized for your pharmacy and designed to help you reach more people locally. Contact your Amaze Clinical representative for more information!

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Residual eCommerce Revenue

As an Amaze Clinical Retailer, you can earn online sales revenue even if your business doesn’t offer eCommerce. Since anyone who orders from has to select a pharmacy or use a referral code, every sale results in a commission for an independent pharmacy. For these sales, we even handle the payment, customer service, and order fulfillment without reducing your inventory!

Just for being an Amaze partner, you’ll earn commissions anytime: 

  • A customer you refer orders from with your referral code 
  • Or any time your location is selected as a preferred pharmacy during checkout 

Those enrolled in our Online Partner Program receive a check each month with their commissions and it’s free to be a member! Ask your Amaze Clinical representative for more information.